It all started with this dress...

My first ever vintage dress purchase was this gorgeous silk green roses ‘Hilton’ dress from a Sydney market 30 years ago.

I have loved vintage clothing ever since.

The Vintage Drawer opened at the Sydney Antique Centre on the 20th November 2011. It is an exciting venture for me which allows me to share my love, respect and passion for vintage clothing with other like-minded vintage lovers. I believe when you wear vintage, you wear art, history, beauty and uniqueness.

I aim to find beautiful pieces from all era’s, particularly from the 30s, 40s and 50s, my favourites, and I choose with discernment, integrity, thought, respect and passion.

The clothing is strictly vintage but I do sell some vintage style accessories to help you get the vintage look. Those items include petticoats, sunglasses and some shoes. I am also a trained actress and so my natural instinct for passion, theatricality and creativity now has another outlet!



I strive for uncompromising detail in every way that allows you to browse in a relaxed, clean, clear, beautiful, uncluttered and welcoming environment. I don’t sell on-line as I believe vintage garments need to be experienced.




The name of my shop is inspired by the old Singer treadle sewing machines and their fabulous drawers. My grandmother was a beautiful seamstress and I still remember her- ‘Nanna’, making clothing on a treadle sewing machine. I also remember my mother using it as well as myself when I was about five, making a blue gingham skirt.

Another story of inspiration comes from a friend of mine after coming back from seeing her family in Indonesia in 2011. She told me of three clothing repairs she had had done by a man sitting on a hill, under a tree and working on a Singer treadle sewing machine. What a beautiful image!

So, cheers to my Nanna, my mother and to tailors on a treadle under a tree!